About Kip McGrath Cambridge North

Kip McGrath has a 36-year history and an international reputation as a trusted and innovative deliverer of quality supplementary education.

Kip McGrath Education Centres provide tutorial assistance in reading, spelling, comprehension, English and maths, to students who are having difficulty with their school work or just want to do better. This is done in a positive learning environment through the use of proven teaching methods and programmes and is delivered by qualified and experienced teachers.

Our tutoring programmes are designed to give students the motivation to succeed. Progress is at the students’ own pace so they are never overwhelmed. Students try when they attend because achievement is there for them all. This achievement is not only rewarding but it is fun.

From the moment students walk into our centres there are clear messages given to them; ‘this is a place where I can learn and this is a place where it is fun to learn.’


The North Cambridge Centre offers two main tutoring programmes to support students from Year 2 to Year 11:

Maths Tutoring Programme

Our accelerated learning programme targets students aged 6 – 16 in all maths grades and streams.

Whether your child needs:

  • Help with maths basics
  • Maths homework help
  • Help with more advanced maths problems
  • Help understanding new concepts introduced in years 8, 9 and 10

The Kip McGrath accelerated Maths Tutoring programme is the answer for your child’s maths difficulties. A thorough understanding of basic maths is required before students can progress, so it is important that the source of any difficulty is identified and addressed early.

Course Highlights
  • Combination of face to face teaching and stimulating computer drills
  • Caring and committed tutors
  • Varied activities to hold students’ interest
  • Progress is consolidated with weekly maths homework
  • Parents are provided with regular feedback and updates on progress
  • Educational games help make maths fun

English Tutoring Programme

Kip McGrath provides English tutoring for students who are having difficulty in reading, spelling, comprehension, writing and spelling.

Development of good English language skills is essential for student success at school and university.

An English tutoring programme may consist of activities to develop:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing skills

Each lesson consists of a combination of activities including:

  • Face to face teaching
  • Written activities
  • Stimulating computer based learning

All children are given a FREE initial assessment to identify areas where learning needs to be concentrated. An individual learning programme is tailored for your child based on the assessment results.

Kip McGrath Cambridge North
176a High Street


Cambs. CB24 8RX


Tel:  01954 489004


Email:   cambridgenorth@kipmcgrath.co.uk




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Session Times are as follows:


Mondays            4.10 - 5.30pm;     5.40 - 7.00pm

Tuesdays           4.10 - 5.30pm;     5.40 - 7.00pm

Wednesdays       4.10 - 5.30pm;     5.40 - 7.00pm

Thursdays          4.10 - 5.30pm;     5.40 - 7.00pm


Saturdays       9.30 - 10.50am;   11.00am - 12.20pm


Our Centre is closed on Fridays and Sundays