Conditions of enrolment



All Kip McGrath Education Centres:


  1. Undertake to provide tuition by professionally qualified teachers and to use our best endeavours to improve your child’s standard in the respective subject or subjects nominated. We do this on an understanding that you will do your best to ensure that homework is completed, and that you will ensure that your child’s attendance is regular and punctual and that fees are paid in advance.



  1. Require 14 days notice when you intend to withdraw your child from the Centre. All fees are payable for lessons until the end of the 14 day notice period. Your notice must be made in writing by email, post or hand delivery with acknowledgement by email. Verbal notification by phone or text is not acceptable.


  1. Kip McGrath North Cambridge reserves the right to withhold provision of lessons for non-payment of fees, non attendance, gross misbehaviour or any other breach of the Conditions of Enrolment. In the unlikely event that a child proves to be unsuitable for tuition, we will inform you and ask you to stop attending. In these circumstances, fees for remaining lessons will not be charged.


  1. Missed sessions must be made up. A voucher will be issued for each missed session. Outstanding tuition fees will be invoiced and payment must be made before you end enrolment. Outstanding fees will be recovered.


  1. If your child cannot continue to attend on a regular basis you must inform the centre director at your earliest convenience. Tuition fees are liable until we receive notification to end your child’s enrolment at Kip McGrath. This must be done in accordance with Point (2) above.


  1. The policy for missed lessons and catch-up lessons must be strictly adhered to. That is, all missed lessons (whatever the reason) must be caught up or paid for within 3 weeks after the child’s normal lesson time.


  1. You agree to allow us to store your, and your child’s, personal information such as date of birth, address, telephone numbers and record of attainment, in order to manage your child’s study programme.


Kip McGrath Cambridge North
176a High Street


Cambs. CB24 8RX


Tel:  01954 489004






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Session Times are as follows:


Mondays            4.10 - 5.30pm;     5.40 - 7.00pm

Tuesdays           4.10 - 5.30pm;     5.40 - 7.00pm

Wednesdays       4.10 - 5.30pm;     5.40 - 7.00pm

Thursdays          4.10 - 5.30pm;     5.40 - 7.00pm


Saturdays       9.30 - 10.50am;   11.00am - 12.20pm


Our Centre is closed on Fridays and Sundays